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Day 20: Good Bye Japan - sixtease — LiveJournal


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Day 20: Good Bye Japan

I got up after 4 hours in bed and couldn't fall asleep any more. Basically the first thing that I did was going to Ochanomizu, where there is supposed to be an aglomeration of music instrument stores. After some doubts I found those shops. I was at a loose lookout for an acoustic seven-string. The result was that there is no acoustic seven-string in Tokyo to be bought. Most of the salespersons have even never seen one.

This surprised me greatly because if there is one company that pioneers mass-production of seven-strings, then it's Japan's Ibanez.

My enterprise wasn't vain though. I got my hands on the Music Man Majesty seven-string. Oh my goodness, what a monster of a guitar. If I had spare 3000 Euro with me, I would probably have grabbed it. I had been a bit skeptical about it like I am about all hyped expensive signature models but this one really got me.

I then had some food and went to see a place that I loved in my last trip to Tōkyō: the Yoyogi park. Its "free" (as in not sacred) part. It was a hard-to-describe time of absolute content and blessing. The weather was perfect, I was free of all needs and I kept meeting wonderful musicians playing around for joy or to gain audience. In between I sunbathed and this was the perfect conclusion of my journey.

I'm at the airport now. I didn't feel like taking photos today except one to document the weather.

As much as I have enjoyed these fantastic three weeks, I don't think I'll want to come back any time soon. I'm more than looking forward to see Vienna in the same relishing way like I did Ōsaka and Tōkyō and to see mountains and forests around me like I did Yakushima and Kumano kodō and last but not least, to share my moments with my family much much more than did with you my beloved Facebook friends.

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