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Day 19: Meeting Friends - sixtease — LiveJournal


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Day 19: Meeting Friends

There's nothing like good friends. I spent wonderful time with mine. And made some new ones. There was an exhibition of Japanese sake in a night club. Me and my two friends went there and tried a very varying palette of this delicacy. There were about ten exhibitors and each served at least three kinds. The differences in taste were very significant. There were also some pecularities like cloudy sake, sparkling sake, sake that looked like sperm but was actually with yoghurt and tasted surprisingly good...

This event lasted two hours and we met two more guys who joined us. We were all a bit tipsy and I thought this was the right time to do something originally Japanese that I haven't tried yet: Karaoke!

I managed to get everybody into it and we booked half an hour. To my dismay, we got a separate room. I was imagining a stage and people taking turns and you know, a feeling of a performance. But it turned out to be fun anyway. My companions were shier than me, and I'm almost sure they would not sing in such a setting. So like this, I could hear them and that was cool.

It was also pretty expensive. Almost five thousand Yen for 30 minutes in a tiny cell.

Tomorrow is my last day. I have my baggage ready... well almost ready, because tomorrow I'll buy perishable goods to take home. My host gave me an Ikea bag, I hope they won't have a problem with it at the airport.

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