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Day 18: No Haunted Forest - sixtease — LiveJournal


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Day 18: No Haunted Forest

Today, I went to see Aokigahara. The infamous suicide forest haunted by countless furious demons. Well, today is Saturday and you know, these guys who committed suicide here probably didn't enjoy many free weekends, so they make up for it now. :-)

No, seriously, I didn't observe anything special about these woods, except that we found an old sign saying something along the lines of "Wait a minute. Is this the end of everything?"

It was really a nice walk in a very pleasant quiet forest, not unlike those in central Europe. I'm glad for that of course -- there are never enough pleasant forest walks, are there?

The way to the forest was unexpectedly long. The train took two hours and then a bus from the town of Kawaguchikō to the Aokigahara trailhead took another 30 minutes. I got up at 7 and got back at 6.

Then, it was all about food and sakē in Shinjuku. Good stuff.

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