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Day 16: Warm welcome from Tōkyō - sixtease — LiveJournal


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Day 16: Warm welcome from Tōkyō

Today was quite full of action again. Tōkyō showed me a nice face today. But first things first. I got up in Nagoya, in the Wasabi Guest House. I shouldn't omit to say that this hostel, given its low-end price, offers considerable luxury. You would be hard pressed to find another facility that gives you a bed for 2000¥ per night with a personal safe box, blu-ray player, free cosmetics, spacious toilets and hot drinks for free, to name some.

It wasn't hard saying good bye though. I boarded a Shinkansen to the capital and on my way, I noticed with terror that my AirBnB is only reserved from tomorrow. I wrote my host if I could check in earlier and they said OK. I could check in after 17:00.

I took a train from Tōkyō station to Shibuya, from where the house was supposed to be close, and which is a shopping district. I put my stuff into a coin locker and dived into shopping for things that I promised to bring to various people.

That said, I hate shopping. You could punish me by dragging me into a shopping mall. But well, a mission is a mission and I needed to spend those seven hours somehow anyway.

First of all, I found a terrific place for a lunch. I got my Japanese beef that I have already given up on, for 2500¥ with unlimited drinks, directly next to the Shibuya station in a fancy ambiente.

After some hopeless wandering around, wondering why there are only useless stupid shops around, my despair attracted the attention of a young man. He asked me the obligatory questions of my origin and travel and then he took me to a discount store with the broadest spectrum of wares where I could finally draw some checks on my to-buy list.

Finding the AirBnB was a bit complicated, mostly because of lack of navigation details and because Google Maps still doesn't get Japanese addresses right. Finally we found each other though and I started wondering what to do with the evening.

The coolest band I saw in Fandango in Ósaka recommended me the "reddo kurosu" club, which I mistakenly interpreted as the Red Cross. It was the Red Cloth. How could I be so silly? :-)

I went there, through some heavy heavy rain and was rewarded by an utterly strong musical experience. On stage was a four-piece band with a female singer/guitarist. They were cheerful, precise, heavy and above all, the singer put her soul into it. They were really a marvel to behold.

Comparison is a bitch, and so I couldn't resist but look down on the next band who actually played very well. They were a pseudo-British rock act. Kind of posers, if you want. But who is not, on stage? It was just... after the previous band they made the impression of a puppet theatre. I'm sure they loved the music they played but I gather, it's often better to be what you are instead of what you want to be.

There were three bands that night and the third one was much better that the second one. A lot of energy, perfect performance. Still pale compared to the first one though.

Oddly enough, the audience didn't seem to think the same as I did. I don't want to speculate about the reasons. I bought an album and I'll see how they are on recording. Much music is good live and horrible on CD.

On my way back home, under a bridge in front of the Shinjuku station, there was the fourth band of this evening. A completely unexpected act, Samurai Rock'n'Roll band with a clone of Elvis Presley as frontman and a mundane looking woman on drums. The frontman did some acrobatic stunts too and they were very cute. A crowd formed around them and even a police man was watching.

You impressed me today, Tōkyō.

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