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Day 12: Way to Chikatsuyu - sixtease — LiveJournal


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Day 12: Way to Chikatsuyu

I said good bye to Ósaka from a train to Kii-Tanabe in the morning.

In Tanabe, I took a pretty long bus ride and arrived at Takijiri, Written as 滝尻. That would, if I not be mistaken, mean waterfall ass. Well, whatever.

I walked the well marked path. I met like four people altogether. It was lonely, quiet and very very humid. I arrived at Chikatsuyu, where my lodging was reserved, before 17:00.

When I was deciding, what lodging to take in this forsaken village, where not even DoCoMo has any coverage, I had the option between a rather expensive onsen hotel and a minshuku for half the price. I tought, what the hell, I'm not looking for luxury, and went for the cheaper minshuku. Ironically, this is the place where you can eat the best Japanese food ever. My comparison is limited, true, but within it, all those famous and infamous restaurants in all the cities pale compared to this place, where they make their own plum wine (Goodness!), miso, dashi and pretty much everything else. The fish I was served were caught in the river just outside of the window.

I ate so much that it dissolved my thoughts of taking a bus to shorten tomorrow's trek, I need to burn this energy. :-)

So yeah, tomorrow 25 kilometers ahead of me. It should be fine.

Oh, by the way, they also had an onsen. It was my first time in one. It's just hot bath, pretty much. :-) But very pleasant. Also the owner is a super nice older guy with a young spirit and fire in his eyes. It's always a joy to meet such people.

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