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Day 11 - sixtease


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Day 11

I took a walk from the hostel to Tennōji and met some unexpected sights. Not necessarily beautiful in the common sense.

There's not much to say of Tennōji itself except that it's a big park with some attractions in it, but curiously they seem to be quite racistic there against dogs and for cats.

I thought of joining the Ōsaka pub crawl, so I went to the meeting spot. On the way, I had some more interesting views.

The pub crawl itself had stunning 70 announced parttakers. It was just too big and after one beer and some chatter with the mostly American peers, and before even being asked to pay, I realized I just don't want to do it and I left.

I'm actually glad I'll have some rest before I depart for the Kumano kodō pilgrimage tomorrow in the morning.

By the way, I found out I was completely wrong planning that pilgrimage, at least its start. It starts in the town Tanabe but the station Tanabe is in Ōsaka and there is no station Tanabe in Tanabe but instead, in Tanabe is the station Kii-Tanabe. Confusing? Well, I'm glad I found out before taking a subway to Tanabe in Ōsaka and wondering where the pilgrim's path begins. :-)

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