sixtease (sixtease) wrote,

git diff on XSL

My colleague Lars came up with a way to see diff on XSL excel files in git. Simple and handy.

to make git diff work

in ~/.gitconfig

    [diff "excel"]

in cimp.documents/.git/info/attributes

    *.xls diff=excel

See man 5 gitattributes for details.


    diff --git a/translations/CIMP_Translations.xls b/translations/CIMP_Translations.xls
    index 96fc5f1..c93f2bc 100644
    --- a/translations/CIMP_Translations.xls
    +++ b/translations/CIMP_Translations.xls
    @@ -565,7 +565,8 @@ e-ticket number:                <% $passenger{ETICKET_IDENT_I18N} %>
    Record Locator:                 <% $passenger{PNR} %>
    Passenger status:               n/a

    -Thank you for flying South African Airways
    +Thank you for flying South African Airways.

to make git show work

in bin/xls2csv-filter

    cat - > $XLS2CSV_TEMPFILE
    xls2csv $XLS2CSV_TEMPFILE


    > git show a776:translations/CIMP_Translations.xls | xls2csv-filter
    "Text template","Template Parameters","English (if different from ""Text template"" column)","English","/ms","/sa","/tp"
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